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The only one who saves me is me.

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AUAllison is still here, even if we can’t see her.

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"Allison and Lydia are sharing a body now, sort of like a 2-in-1 deal?"
Teen Wolf AU → The Oni aren’t supposed to kill humans, they never were. But they did, turning Allison into a fox spirit.

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someone tried to strangle me and i survived. i don’t need to h i d e that.

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Dydia AU: Derek suddenly remembers about Lydia staying with him in the clinic and that memory leads to a friendship between them that slowly turns into something more intense.

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teen wolf au | she's the man

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Allisaac AU: [part 3]

So Allison wants to talk with Isaac. Lydia tells him about it, but Isaac doesn’t want Allison to get hurt… Again. And he tries to avoid her. Young hunter can’t take it anymore and followed werewolf. Isaac trying to move away from her but they were in the wrong time in the wrong place. Isaac sacrifices himself to save Allison and now she wants to know the truth much more. She asked Scott about it, and now he has to make an important decision: keep the secret or say the truth ‘cause  Isaac may never wake up…


Allisaac AU: [part 2]

Allison suffered strange dreams in which she see Isaac. It absolutely confused her. She asked her father and others but no one didn’t tell her. Seeing the strange reaction of friends, she realized that something was wrong  and decided to find Isaac to ask him about everything.


Allisaac AU: [part 1]

Allison and Isaac  finally started dating. Everything was perfect until someone locked them  together in the pantry. Isaac remembered how his father had locked him in the fridge and he began to panic. He lost control and bit Allison. Her father and others found a way to heal her,  but the price was forget all about Isaac. Isaac decided that he too dangerous for Allison and agreed to let her go.


au - Stiles is a werewolf hunter who moves to Beacon Hills with his sister and father to take down another pack. hunter!Stiles & werewolf!Lydia

Happy birthday Marina <3

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